Our thoughts - The Cannabis Expo - Sandton

The Cannabis Expo – Sandton

With more than 6 months passed since the last installment of The Cannabis Expo, the South African cannabis industry has been eagerly waiting. As the final highlight of 2019, The Cannabis Expo was hosted at the prestigious Sandton Convention Centre. If you had any doubts about the legitimacy of the cannabis industry, the fully packed convention centre would’ve surely put you at ease. This wasn’t just an expo for weed smokers, even though there were plenty of goodies for them too. This expo appeals to anyone and everyone that has an interest in cannabis and even those that are just curious. How this installment out-classed its predecessors; a smoking area. Yes, you read correctly. A smoking area in Sandton Convention Centre, where people openly blazed a plethora of devices from bongs to vapes. What a time to be alive.

As always, we’d like to give a big thanks to all the organizers for putting together a superb event. Being able to see cannabis showcased in this light is truly awe-inspiring. Pushing the boundaries of what people perceive as normal is what this expo does very well.

Let’s grow, together.

We are allowed to grow cannabis on our private property, and it really shows. The Cannabis Expo was packed full of horticultural goodies for the budding green thumb, as well as some serious tech for those with commercial aspirations. That’s the thing about the expo; you don’t know whether a person is just having a look because they’re curious, or if they are doing research for their 100 hectares of permitted tunnels.

There are a lot of products we could mention, but there was one that received attention from both locals and internationals. Designed and produced locally, InDorSun, are at the forefront of LED lighting technologies, matching outputs of major international competitors. Fully specced for a GMP facility with the necessary safety compliance, all their light fixtures come standard with a 5 year or 50000-hour warranty. With all the international attention this local team has received, it begs the question: Will we see South Africa becoming one of the world’s foremost horticultural light manufactures? If we leave it up to the brilliant minds at InDorSun, that’s exactly what will happen.

For more information about InDorSun, visit www.indorsun.co.za

The CBD Olympics

As Julian Stobbs from The Dagga Couple said during his speech at the expo, “it’s like the CBD Olympics here”. The race for the top CBD brand has begun, and the marketing budgets are going head to head. I stand to be corrected, but quality-wise, they are all on par, right? Imported CBD isolate, cut with a carrier oil? Until the laws allow for more leniency in terms of full-spectrum and locally produced CBD oil, the battle for best CBD brand is best won with flashy marketing. It does offer an indication of the extent of the market these brands are competing for, and that certainly inspires confidence in the cannabis industry as a whole. In the very near future, the CBD will be produced locally, and then we will see a very different CBD Olympics; where size is the only thing that matters. My final question is: How does the regular, uninformed consumer make heads and tails of all this? I like to imagine my mother trying to get the right CBD oil for her. The sheer number of options would give her so much anxiety, not even your strongest CBD suppository could offer relief. All jokes aside, the consumers need to be educated on what they are buying, and that information shouldn’t come from those brands they purchasing are from.

To the brands that are still pushing the envelope to bring us the best CBD products, we see you, and we thank you. New and improved flavours, faster delivery methods, and more accurate dosages are certainly welcomed after the year of unregulated CBD that just passed. We look forward to seeing the market develop, as the laws and regulations change during the massive uprise of worldwide popularity.

The Cannabis Expo Portraits

Here's a collection of portraits from the weekend, as I feel nothing quite tells a story as well as the faces of the people that were there. Enjoy.

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