Is your cannabis making you sick?

You may be suffering from Azadirachtin poisoning caused by a common ORGANIC fungicide/pesticide ingredient, neem oil.

Many of today’s organic store bought pesticides contain neem oil, and it is a widely advertised way to keep the pests away from your garden all year long. From the moment your plants start to flower they will produce resin, which the neem oil will stick to. This means all the resin is contaminated, and concentrates made from this bud will also contain the neem oil, but more concentrated.

The symptoms of azadirachtin poisoning include vomiting, diarrhoea, and nausea. Sufferers of azadirachtin poisoning ingest more cannabis to counteract the nausea, worsening their conditions. If you have come in contact with pesticide you won’t become sick right away. Small doses compound as you keep smoking the contaminated resin, causing what others have called Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome.

If you’re spraying with any pesticide containing neem oil, do so as early as possible in the plants life cycle. Neem oil should be used as a preventative rather than a means of fighting an infestation in the late stages of flower.

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