Bio-active tea for vigorous growth

Want to increase your yields with natural products? Try out this bio-active tea. Healthy green growth and vigorous flowering is what you can expect to see.

Applying a bio-active tea to your foliar and feeding cycle increases final yields. Beneficial bacteria increase ion exchange in the grow-medium, and humic acid raises your plants metabolism. A bio-active tea can boost the plant’s immune system and prevent it from infestations.

What makes the tea “bio-active” is the molasses. Having a source of glucose will provide bacteria with the energy they need to multiply.

To brew a tea you’re going to a need a few ingredients, a controlled temperature water bath and aeration. Pet stores are great places to find the water tank heaters and air-stones you will need to pull this off.


· Compost – 320ml per 10l

· Humic acid – 3ml per 10l

· Kelp – 5ml per 10l

· Molasses – 2.5ml per 10l

· Seagrow – 13ml per 10l


· Put water in reservoir and bubble for 5 minutes to remove any chlorine and oxygenate the water.

· Add humic acid to tea bag (or stocking/cheese cloth)

· Add compost to tea bag and massage for 2 minutes, or until half the compost is left in the bag.

· Add kelp, seagrow and molasses.

Brew time:

· 15.5 degrees Celsius – 30 hours

· 21 degrees Celsius – 24 hours

· 26.5 degrees Celsius – 18 hours

· 32 Degrees Celsius – bacteria stops multiplying

For foliar sprays use 7ml per 5 liters, and put it in your feed at 20ml per liter.

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