The Extract Magazine is South Africa’s premium cannabis culture magazine.

When referring to an extract, people in publishing would think of an excerpt of text.  In the cannabis world, the word “extract” is synonymous with high quality, hard-hitting products. The Extract Magazine aims to bring you both.

We love cannabis. Smoking it, holding it, smelling it, growing it. Cannabis is an integral part of our daily lives. The Extract Magazine reflects our love for cannabis while staying true to our South African heritage. Southern Africa’s history is intertwined with the cannabis plant, birthing the likes of Durban Poison, Rooibaard and Swazi Gold – some of the most sought after landraces in the world.

Largely due to politics, greed, and racism, this healing plant was pushed into the black market. Only recently has the tide begun to turn, with the Constitutional Court ruling decriminalizing private cultivation for private use, and the legal framework arising that would allow for a legal marketplace. But in these trying times, consumers need unbiased information to disseminate for themselves the crooks from the Robin Hoods.


  • Developments in the commercial grow industry

  • New genetics and seedbanks

  • How-to-grow guides for home growers

  • Products related to the growing of cannabis

  • Home-grower of the month contest


  • Dispensary reviews

  • New medical research

  • Medical cannabis user testaments

  • Tinctures, ointments and capsules

  • Extraction methods and products


  • Cannabis events happening in South Africa

  • Glassware, vaporisers and smoking accessories

  • Legal segment; SAHPRA; CDCSA

  • South African Dagga and Rasta culture